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An emotional support animal is an animal partner that help a mentally ill person in dealing with the disability. They provide comfort, relaxation, and companionship through which a disable person loves to be around them. An individual can have an emotional support animal after receiving a legitimate ESA Letter from a professional mental health provider.

Why ESA’s are required?

The presence of these animals not only provide companionship to the disable person but they can also help them in the following ways:

  • People feel more relaxed, loved and less lonely while being around an emotional support animal.
  • It helps to reduce the anxiety and depression levels in stress-induced situations.
  • Most of the emotional support animal dogs are social-friendly therefore; they reduce the social shyness among the individuals and make them participate in more social activities.
  • Patients also feel safer, comfortable and motivated in the presence of these animals. Doctors also noticed a definite boost in the self-esteem of disabled persons.
  • Similarly, human emotions are also seeming to be more stabilized with an ESA.
  • Animals of emotional support are not a therapy in and of itself, they are used in combination with other cognitive-behavioral therapies to treat symptoms and help to make life easier to survive.
  • It also improves the physical health of the patients by lowering the blood pressure, decreasing the respiratory rates and strengthening the immune system.
  • Furthermore, it can also serve to give people a sense of purpose when caring for an emotional support animal.
  • Establishing a loving relationship with an ESA can be a step towards more genuine human relationships.

Animals not only provide unconditional love and companionship but in exchange, they also need care and love that can be emotionally rewarding. However, no such research is yet introduced to identify the long-term benefits of this service.